About Caron M. Allen

Rev. Dr. Caron M. Allen

  • Newburgh Theological Seminary and Bible College: Doctorate in Biblical Studies, June 2014
  • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: Master of Criminal Justice, May 2005
  • University of Southern Colorado, Pueblo, Colorado: BS – Sociology/Criminology. Graduated Magna Cum Laude, 2001
  • Police Executive Research Forum-Senior Management Institute Police: Session 44, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts (June 6-June 24, 2010)
caron allen

Biographical Profile

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A 33-year law enforcement veteran (retired in 2014), Dr. Allen lives in Colorado Springs with her husband Henry Allen, Jr., retired first sergeant from the United States Army. She and her husband have a blended family of eight adult children, 21 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Dr. Allen is an associate minister at the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church (EMBC), a diverse, forward-thinking congregation in Colorado Springs rooted in the traditions of the African-American Baptist church. At EMBC Dr. Allen serves with the Consecrated Women’s Ministry and on the Security Team.

In 2009 Dr. Allen completed the autobiographical account of her family in a work entitled From Whence They Came; the Genealogical History of an African American Family. In From Whence They Came, Dr. Allen documents the struggles and triumphs of eight generations of her family, beginning with her great-great-great grandmother, Eular, a slave on a plantation in Virginia.

Committed to community activism, Dr. Allen serves as Director of Religious Affairs for the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an Atlanta-based civil rights organization founded by Dr. King and committed to carrying on his legacy of equality and justice through non-violence. As a community activist she addresses the issues of leadership, career development, women’s issues in the criminal justice system, and ministry.

A significant aspect of Dr. Allen’s ministry is encouraging and empowering people, especially women, to attain their highest potential. To that end, Dr. Allen has developed and presented the following conference for professional and Christian organizations:

Thriving In the Midst
Thriving In the Midst is a five-part series that addresses four major areas of a woman’s life. Those areas are:

  • Perfection! Really? But I’m A Mess!
  • Thriving in a Hostile Work Environment
  • A Virtuous Woman…How to Minister in a Tension-filled Home
  • Women in Leadership Positions in Ministry: Treading Lightly
  • Resting vs. Wrestling

Dr. Allen has completed a manuscript for publication under the title The Pursuit of Excellence; Thriving in the Midst of Life’s Storms

In addition to preaching, teaching, conducting conferences, and book signings, Dr. Allen has been engaged to address the following topics: ministry fund-raising, ministry organization, leadership, career development, women’s issues in the criminal justice system, and cultural diversity.

Her personal mantra is Discipline, Obedience, Humility, and Praise will Maximize My Potential.